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About Us

This free service provides assessment and referrals for homeless and people at risk of homelessness

Entrypoint Perth is a service provided by Centrecare Incorporated and is the first point of contact for families and individuals who require access to Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) and other accommodation and/or support services in the Perth metropolitan area. Due to an amalgamation with the former Homeless Advisory Service, Entrypoint Perth also provides information on accommodation and support options to assist people in regional Western Australia to seek their own accommodation.

Entrypoint Perth is funded by the Department of Communities. In the Perth metropolitan area, Entrypoint Perth works collaboratively with other agencies to streamline the referral process for people experiencing homelessness and people at risk of homelessness.  These individuals and families may be in need of referrals to crisis accommodation, referrals to short or long term accommodation, or assistance with sustaining current tenancies for people at risk of losing their tenancy. Entrypoint Perth also acts as a first point of contact to provide those based in Perth with:

  • information about the available options within the community
  • an assessment of individual needs and risks
  • referral to relevant service(s) and accommodation providers

We will:

  • identify available accommodation options
  • establish and facilitate referral pathways to accommodation and support services in the Perth metropolitan area
  • contact crisis accommodation services, shelters and family and domestic violence refuges on a regular basis to ensure most up to date information available on vacancies and to progress referrals
  • work closely with family and domestic violence services including those with emergency accommodation
  •  establish and maintain a resource directory that details accommodation options, support services, financial assistance and other resources available in the community
  • actively network and establish links with government departments and non-government organisations in the community

We will not:

  • provide housing, long term accommodation or ongoing case management support