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Our Services

Being homeless or at risk of homelessness is traumatic and can impact you and/or your family’s safety and wellbeing. Entrypoint Perth is committed to working with you respectfully and finding solutions to your accommodation crisis.

Entrypoint Perth staff are qualified professionals with experience in assisting people who are homeless.

We will:

For those based in Perth, we can:

  • Act as a triage service facilitating initial assessment and screening for all people contacting the service via the telephone service centre
  • Make an appointment with you if required, following the initial telephone screening or online enquiry, for a more comprehensive assessment. Office appointments will only be available from 9am-5pm during weekdays
  • Assess your needs with you whether by phone or face-to-face, including risk assessment of family and domestic violence
  • Work closely with all relevant homeless services in Perth  in order to build strong referral sources for applicants accessing this service
  • If appropriate, we may assist you with the development of an accommodation plan and referrals to services and/or programs such as counselling, rehabilitation services, mental health services etc

For those based in regional Western Australia, we can:

  • provide information on accommodation and support options to assist you to seek your own accommodation
  • assess your needs and, if eligible, provide formal referrals to crisis accommodation services if you are experiencing domestic violence

The Entrypoint Perth service is not a case management service or a direct accommodation provider and will not duplicate the role of other specialist homeless services.