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Anglicare WA Making Ends Meet

Phone: (08) 9581 0509

Categories: Family Services, Financial Services,

Making Ends Meet provides financial assistance, support and education to working families who are living in private rental accommodation and experiencing significant housing stress. This includes the payment of grants to help pay bills, negotiate repayment plans and give you the skills to manage your budget.

The program is designed to give families in crisis a foundation upon which to build a financially stable future.

Making Ends Meet is for people who are:

  • renting privately (not through Homeswest)
  • have a family
  • are currently working
  • in stable accommodation for 6 months or more
  • paying an increasing amount for rent
  • living in the city of Mandurah or Rockingham or Cockburn, or the town of Kwinana
  • working with an Anglicare WA Financial Counsellor

Office Locations:

Rockingham – 9528 0702

Mandurah – 9581 0583