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Anglicare WA Reclaiming Our Lives

Phone: 1300 114 446

Categories: Domestic and Family Services, Family Services, General Contacts,

Reclaiming Our Lives is a group program that supports women who have been or are victims of family and domestic violence. The program consists of eight two-hour sessions held at a safe venue, where you can share and talk openly about yourself, your relationships and your family. The program provides information about domestic violence but also encourages participating women to support each other emotionally and practically.

Office Locations:

Albany – 9845 6666

Broome (Regional Offices) – 9194 2400

East Perth – 1300 114 446

Joondalup – 9301 8500

Karratha (Main Office) – 9143 1880

Kununarra – 9166 5000